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platonic vs romantic love?

seriously they built up this huge dialog with Molly saying this is what it looks like when someone is in love with Sherlock and then they had John play out the same moments and dialog and people say there’s nothing going on.

Molly is the decoder ring get with it

The intricacies and ingenuity of this Sudoko cube of a show will be the DEATH of me.


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the-feelings-unnecessary-ones asked: Or John is shot (but it's just a scratch *wink wink*), Sherlock tells him he loves him while he thinks he's lost consciousness. Later, John says "I heard what you said" ENDING CREDITS



this would be so fucking perfect 

Omg but how much do you want to bet that he’d say “I heard you” just like Sherlock did about his speech at his grave

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I was talking to my friend Colton, who has never watched the show but is always willing to listen to me ramble about things he doesn’t care about, bless him, and I was like, “Okay, in which of these pictures does John look more horrified?”

this one


or this one


and he was like, “Uhh, the second one, why?” And I was like, “In the first one, John thinks that Sherlock is about to shoot a bomb and kill both of them. In the second one, Sherlock had just proposed to a woman named Janine.”

And Colton just frowned and said, “And people who watch this show think they’re just friends?”

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